A Warm welcome to Howey Hedgehog Rescue. We are Elaine and Nigel Acton registered carers and rehabilitators for the British Hedgehog Preservation Society. The society approached us to 'set up' in Mid Powys in November 2008 as there were not any carers in this area. As we had four years previous experience caring for hedgehogs when we lived in Hertfordshire this put us in good stead for this venture.

Our Aims
We aim to take in orphaned hoglets, veterinary treated injured or sick hedgehogs. INJURED HEDGEHOGS
We do not have the expertise to deal with broken bones or severe injuries but will nurse them afterwards. Young hoglets must reach the weight of 600g (1.5Ilbs) to hibernate successfully. Our ethos is to give them warmth, rehydration food and medication and when they are healthy and have reached the required weight where possible they will be released back into the wild.